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Zoneedit not updating

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This particular downtime will cost a few thousand in lost revenue and a lot of frustration and lost time.

The SSL connection has the big advantage that your passwords are not passed in plain-text accross the internet.

Here's my ddclient.conf: # Configuration file for ddclient generated by debconf # # /etc/protocol=zoneedit1 use=web, web= server=dynamic.login=rufusgrufus password='Stk*&8Tr E9Q' === globals ==== globals : 1 globals : rufusgrufus globals : Stk*&8Tr E9Q globals : zoneedit1 globals : 0 globals : dynamic.globals : web globals : 1 globals : === config ==== config : 0 config : ARRAY(0x9f74f78) config : config : rufusgrufus config : 2592000 config : 300 config : 300 config : 0 config : Lok*&5Tr E3Q config : zoneedit1 config : dynamic.config : config : web config : 0 config : 0 config : config : config : 30 === cache ==== cache : 1299458616 cache : cache : 0 cache : failed cache : 0 cache : 0 cache : 30 DEBUG: proxy = DEBUG: url = DEBUG: server = CONNECT: CONNECTED: using HTTP SENDING: GET /ip.shtml HTTP/1.0 SENDING: Host: SENDING: User-Agent: ddclient/3.8.0 SENDING: Connection: close SENDING: RECEIVE: HTTP/1.1 200 OK RECEIVE: Date: Mon, GMT RECEIVE: Server: Apache/1.3.34 (Unix) mod_layout/3.4 mod_throttle/3.1.2 Front Page/ RECEIVE: Connection: close RECEIVE: Content-Type: text/html RECEIVE: RECEIVE: DEBUG: get_ip: using web, reports DEBUG: DEBUG: nic_zoneedit1_update ------------------- INFO: setting IP address to for UPDATE: updating DEBUG: proxy = DEBUG: url = DEBUG: server = dynamic.CONNECT: dynamic.CONNECTED: using HTTP SENDING: GET /auth/dynamic.html?

If the copy you just made of the original zone file was a “public” zone (i.e. You cannot edit an active zone file, so you must click “Create a new version.” You can now make changes to the new version in ”normal” or ”expert” mode by selecting from the dropdown menu on the right-hand side of the page.

It looks like this: Tips on the syntax of each resource record type can be found on the following pages: Once you are done making your changes, click “Use this version”: You will be prompted to confirm: And should then receive confirmation: Note that changes to your zone file will take from several minutes to several hours to propagate!

It's updating fine, the problem is that it's giving zoneedit my local IP instead of my public one. The best solution would be to see if you can install a ddns client on the router itself.

Otherwise there are ddns update tools that finger a remote server and ascertain your IP by what this yields.

5.0-4493 Update 5 Zoneedit hatte am Wochenende einen Switch auf einen neuen Eigentmer, mag daran liegen.

I am "trying" to use ddclient to update a dynamic IP address when it changes for a domain of mine.

I get the current IP from a web page I access elsewhere that's set up to provide my current WAN IP when the page is accessed.

I have a Mikro Tik router (Router OS v4.x) with an ADSL connection at work, unfortunately it comes with dynamic public IP address.

I need to connect to my office workstation or simply the Mikro Tik router from home or elsewhere but I need to know its latest IP address all the time, so I decided to use Zone Edit’s Dynamic DNS service.