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Harris describes the context of the book well in the introduction.

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Apps that allow for customizable effects on short videos are gaining momentum.Instagram’s Hyperlapse feature lets users create their own short time-lapse video, which can then be embedded like any other Instagram creation.If you haven’t yet found yourself clicking waywardly through to Patatap only to while away several hours idly composing beautiful melodies and weirdly syncopated rhythms when you were meant to be working towards that deadline, then frankly I don’t know what you’ve been doing.We found the website a little while back, but little did we know at the time that it was created by the spectacular mind of Jono Brandel who was also responsible for Anitype, or that it would swiftly be used to create some incredibly elaborate pieces which spread like wildfire online.Like the acoustic guitar, Patatap is a potential piece in the corpus of expression, but it’s not the entire suite.There isn’t the ability to loop or record, though other developers have built on top of the code in order to achieve this.The diagnosis of ovarian cancer is made by physical and pelvic exams, transvaginal ultrasound, CA-125 blood test, and biopsy.Cancer of the ovaries is the leading cause of reproductive cancer death in women, as it is often diagnosed at an advanced stage.

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Watch the film above for an insight into how the program works!Sometimes, the orderly process of cell growth, death, and replacement becomes compromised.Cells begin to grow out of control and without order. The two most common types of ovarian cancer are germ cell carcinoma and epithelial carcinoma.:\|\[[\w\W]*\])$/, N = /([A-Z])/g; function O(a, b, c) function P(a) function Q(a, b, d, e) function R(a, b, c) m.extend(), extend(), m.extend(), extend(); var S = /[ -]? )|)$/; function ab() function bb() function cb() m.event = , m.remove Event = y.remove Event Listener ? The six second video app Vine continues to be popular, in part for its ability to create complex stop-motion animations or edits with a simple interface.