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She knew what she wanted, and when she wanted Ryan, she wasn’t afraid to show it. Not just because I generally have a huge soft spot for military heroes, but because it’s not often that I find a book with a military hero who has a physical flaw as well as an emotional one.

Having lost his leg in Afghanistan and subsequently feeling “inadequate” around the opposite sex, I felt elated for him when he found a woman who couldn’t have cared less about the scars or the prosthetic leg. The author also never fails in writing some scorching hot sex scenes. With the tensions of the emotional rawness from earlier, it felt special.

Sometimes, it’s hard to get past the “weird factor” and accept this new phase of your parents’ lives.

Hopefully your mom or dad has given you, and themselves, enough time to adjust to the divorce before they start dating.

We believe this is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to change an industry and build something new, something different, something better.

By automating sophisticated services that traditionally require you to pick up a phone or visit an advisor in person, we save you time, money, and frustration.

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If not, have a conversation with them about how their dating makes you feel, and try to come up with some agreed guidelines for their dating.

They are still your parent, but it’s important that they know how you feel about the situation too.