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Dating the brain injury article

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In another variation of anger problems, some little thing sets you off and then the "whole day is ruined" (you’re not mad but seem to be in a bad mood).

Many people say, following a head injury, "I cry real easily, sometimes over the dumbest things." This is especially tough for men in our society because men have been taught not to cry.

People will accept that head injury can change your thoughts and memories, but have difficulty understanding that is also changes your emotions.

Your emotions don't exist in some cloud that follows behind your head. Two of the more common changes in emotion are anger and depression.

But following a head injury, the anger is so extreme that the person may want to harm the dog.

Anger after a head injury is quite different from "normal" anger.

There are different degrees of brain injury severity, and milder injuries such as concussions do not always result in significant or long-term relationship changes.

However, after severe, moderate, or complicated-mild brain injury, both survivors and their spouses or partners must often change many parts of their lives.

Survivors are often surprised by how these changes also mean that they will feel and behave differently in their relationships.

Hale and her family are painfully aware how close she came to missing that special moment, along with the rest of her life.

All it took was a medical miracle - and a helping hand from a devout chiropractor.

Although some of the relationship changes after TBI are difficult and can be painful, there are many things that couples can do in order to enjoy each other and their relationship in new, positive, and meaningful ways.

A TBI can significantly change a couple’s relationship.