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Consolidating debt on your mortgage

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Before you look at consolidating your credit card debts into your home loan and therefore extending the period in which you pay it off read our tips below on how to pay off your credit card.When it comes to consolidating your credit card debt into your home loan asking one of the big four banks will likely get a yes, a banking insider claims.Did you know second mortgage rates can be as high as 24%?Today, you can refinance your existing mortgage to incorporate those debts and remove the debt load without having to take out a second mortgage.R wrote: When purchasing our home four years ago, we decided to get a bridging loan (I still don’t understand how it works).But the person at the bank also suggested an Equity Line of Credit, amalgamating our car loans while saving on monthly interest etc, because we were richer than we thought.I am wondering, when our mortgage comes up for renewal (May 2010) we would then owe around 12,000 on the Equity Loan.Do I continue to keep paying it off monthly or should I add this money to our mortgage just to get rid of it.

The banks are hoping customers spend up to their credit limit and then roll those debts back into their home loans.Well over 15 per cent of our online applications are about consolidating debt, which means we get thousands of requests.That's because debt consolidation, a type of mortgage refinance, is quite common these days.What does using home equity to consolidate your debts mean?Essentially it is using the equity in your home / refinancing your home to consolidate your debts into one payment in order to pay off your debts.A "Home Equity Loan", "Home Equity Line","refinancing your mortgage / re-mortgage" and getting a "second mortgage" are all different names for the same thing and are sometimes used as a debt consolidation option.