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Serial cheater Tiger Woods (left) is dating the ex-wife of friend and fellow professional golfer Jason Dufner (right), a report claims.

The pair are pictured playing for the US President's Cup team in 2013 Amanda Boyd (left) and Lindsey Vonn (right) watch their other halves in The Presidents Cup in 2013.

Ozzy took a more forceful approach, dictating the votes and blindsiding his fellow competitors, including Ami, a fellow Favorite.

During this time he also found a hidden immunity idol and created a fake idol to leave in its place.

In Heroes vs Villains, she was the second-in-command of the Heroes Alliance and known for a cat-fight for the Hidden Immunity Idol clue with Danielle Di Lorenzo. Amanda holds the distinction of being the first contestant to make it to day 39 in two separate seasons.

She ultimately decided to join the couples, and they took control of the tribe, eliminating Yau-Man at the request of Cirie, who found him the most threatening.Once again he had us wondering if he was part monkey, or part fish, or perhaps just Aquaman.He also tried to play a more social game, quickly forming an alliance with Parvati and James, and a romantic bond with Amanda.Amanda Lee Kimmel is a contestant from Survivor: China, Survivor: Micronesia, and Survivor: Heroes vs. In China, she was known for being a member of the Fei Long Alliance, being closely aligned with Todd Herzog and orchestrating James Clement's blindside.She manged to make it to the end along with Todd and Courtney Yates.together on the Favorites (Malakal) tribe, both carrying with them very different reputations.