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The average OSL age of 9±3 years for the surface mixing zone indicates that the OSL signal of the quartz grains was well zeroed at deposition.The OSL ages give new information on past deposition regimes on the Ho Bugt mudflat: fine-grained sediment started to deposit at ∼0.5 mm year. 460-460Eu reference standard was used to determine the counting efficiency of our detector system.

With this method, it is also possible to date sediment cores from sand flats, providing a new approach to the problem of evaluation of stability and calculation of sediment budgets for estuaries and coastal lagoons.A ) are then used to calculatesediment accumulation rates and sedimentation rates, respectively, using various models, like CA (Constant Activity), CF (Constant Flux), CF: CS (Constant Flux, Constant Sedimentation), etc.The UCL Environmental Radiometric Facility is located within the Department of Geography, University College London and uses low-background hyper-pure germanium gamma spectrometers capable of measuring low-level environmental radioactivity. This enables chronologies of 100 - 150 years to be accurately determined.: 30.07 yr.) is originally absent in natureand has been produced and released by anthropogenic processes.Its most important global environmental source was thefallout from atmospheric thermonuclear weapon tests (from 1954to 1963) which peaked in the early 1960s and declined rapidly interms of intensity after the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty in 1963.Despite the anticipated difficulties of weak luminescence signals and incomplete resetting of residual radiation dose prior to deposition, the OSL ages from the sediment core ranged from 7.0±1.5 at the surface to 305±16 years (68 cm depth).